YSOTM Youth Life SKills

 Mission: Enabling youth to achieve their maximum potential.

What does Research say about the Outcomes of Life Skills-Based Education?

Programs aimed at developing life skills have produced the following effects: lessened violent behavior; increased pro-social behavior and decreased negative, self-destructive behavior; increased the ability to plan ahead and choose effective solutions to problems; improved self-image, self-awareness, social and emotional adjustment; increased acquisition of knowledge; improved  classroom behavior; gains in self control and handling of interpersonal problems and coping with anxiety; and improved constructive conflict resolution with peers, impulse control and popularity.


YSOTM categorizes life skills into the following three components:

a) Critical thinking skills/Decision-making skills – include decision-making/problem solving skills and information gathering skills.

b) Interpersonal/Communication skills – include verbal and non-verbal communication, active listening, and the ability to express feelings and give feedback.

c) Coping and self-management skills – refers to skills to increase the internal locus of control, so that the individual believes that they can make a difference in the world and affect change.

Why Attend  a YSOTM Life Skills Group?

•Life Skills Group allows teens the opportunity to improve their knowledge of competent social behavior.

•Life Skills Group allows teens to engage spontaneously in creative problem solving.

•Life Skills Group provides a safe and supportive place where members can experience social recognition and acceptance.

• Life Skills Group offers a place to talk openly about past and present difficulties.

• Life Skills Group offers teens an opportunity to learn about their unique strengths and weakness.

Join us: 

Mondays for four consecutive 1.5 hours.                  Print a flyer: Mentoring Group flyer

Free and Open to the public

Location: 549 W. Wheatland Road, Duncanville Texas  For info, call 972-709-1180 or email programs@sotminc.com