Wives Life Skills Group

“It’s not enough to know the causes of divorce. Sometimes you need a good mentor.” Dominique Dor, M.A., LPC

Wives Life Skills Mentoring group offers a safe, confidential and supportive place for wives and future wives to share their feelings without fear of reprisal or condemnation.  Keeping marriages together is our number one concern.  We use all available resources such as, books, video and audio tapes as teaching tools. Empathetic and caring coaches are available on site.

Most individuals struggle to identify the root of marital problems and try many different ways of fixing them before seeking either professional help or divorce. For wives who are unwilling to give up on their relationship, SOTM Wives Life Skills Mentoring is here to help.

 What we know about the causes of Divorce:

  • Infidelity (58%)
  • Marrying too young (43%)
  • Lack of commitment (85%)
  • No premarital preparation (42%)
  • Financial problems (41%)
  • Conflict and arguing (61%).
  • Domestic Violence (30%)
  • Lack of support from family members (29%)
  • Religious differences (21%)

When you feel hopeless, join a life skills mentoring group.

1st and 3rd Wednesdays 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm   Free and Open to the public


549 W. Wheatland Road Duncanville Texas, 75116        Print a flyer: Mentoring Group flyer

Call 972-709-1180 or e-mail: life.skills@sotminc.com